Elder Wisdom and Clay

May 31 – June 2

Kat McIver, PH.D.

This class will explore the difference between “getting older” and “becoming an elder”. Through clay and meditation, we will delve into how to enliven the wise one within, no matter the age. We will draw upon the indigenous wisdom of the body and the earth/clay, seeking to open the gates of mercy and love –in and for ourselves and others – as we explore what it takes to develop a life of passion and purpose, in service to the Divine and to the greater good of the whole. During the workshop, participants will develop, in clay, a self-portrait of their “Elder Self”.

$250 + $25 lab fee

Unified Sets

June 3 – June 7

Emily Reason

During this workshop we focus on creating unified, functional sets for everything from beverages to meals. We’ll begin by translating our ideas into a sketched design for a thoughtful, intentional approach. Throwing, altering and decoration demonstrations will further our understanding of how to execute ideas. With plenty of hands-on time we’ll develop a rhythm necessary for making matching sets. Ongoing discussions about form, function, aesthetics and inspiration further our understanding of the creative process.

$525 + $50 lab fee

Hands On Soda Fire

June 10-14

William Baker

This class will focus on loading and firing the Odyssey soda kiln, making work for salt and soda fire, and discussing the components of atmospheric firing processes. Using bisqueware from home, students will work through the cycle of making, loading, firing, and critiquing the results. Image presentations of work fired in atmospheric kilns and the process of building the Odyssey soda kiln.

$525 +$75 lab fee

Making Faces

July 8-12

Alex Irvine

Learn to sculpt the six basic emotions in clay by investigating the anatomy of the neck, head, face and muscle movements. Students will create hollow forms, thrown or hand-built, that can be used as a canvas for the face. We will work with a live model. Glazing and firing techniques will also be covered.

$525 + $75 lab and model fee

Sculpting the Psychologically Weighted Figure

July 15-19

Curt LaCross

Students will learn how to sculpt the human form on an armature. We will focus primarily on the head and the bust. Emphasis will be placed on facial features, expression, emotion, muscle structure, mass and the aesthetic. In addition to the sculpture’s fabrication we will also investigate hollowing out the form, reassembling the sculpture, drying and firing. Attention will be given to the surface preparation, painting process and how to address seams and eye placement.

$525 + $50 lab fee

Pottery and Sculpture the Extruded Way

July 22-26

Frank Bosco

The focus of this workshop will be on creating clay forms generally not possible on the wheel. The extruder offers a portal into an intuitive and improvisational way of building. It’s both child’s play coupled with the play of an architect. Demonstrations will include skillful use of the extruder, fabricating custom dies, compound forms, surface applications and more.

$525 + $50 lab fee

From the Simple to the Complex: Form and Surface

July 29- Aug2

Adero Willard

How do we bring together the physical process of making pottery with ideas and inspiration? It is essential to the creative journey not only that we trust our intuition, initiate play, and stimulate curiosity, but also incorporate research, idea generating, and editing. Through presentations, group discussions, and class exercises we will delve into accessing the creative voice.

$525 + $50 lab