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Odyssey Ceramic Arts - Julia Claire

Julia Claire

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I am drawn to clay because of its unique ability to encompass all forms of art in one body. Intrigued by the various functions of a handmade vessel, I seek to incorporate elements of design, repetition, color and composition. These elements are then used in conjunction with form and function. I use the wheel to create utilitarian work, celebrating tradition and also uniqueness in that no two works will ever be exactly the same. I choose to create forms that are simple, inviting, and functionally pleasing. I use function as a precursor but set no boundaries or labels as to their use.

Once my work has been glazed I treat it as a canvas. My vision for surface comes from my fascination with china painted porcelain. It has inspired me to incorporate pattern and repetition onto my surface. Intrigued by fashion and textiles, I seek to dress my work with a design, much like beautifully made clothes fit the body. I am extremely interested in merging the graphic arts and printmaking with ceramics to create beautifully decorated objects. As an artist I strive to break boundaries and create new areas of interest for myself.

julia2Born, raised, and educated in Pennsylvania, Julia Claire discovered clay in college while pursuing art education. It was the phone call home that was to shape her world. She said "Mom I know what I want to do with the rest of my life, ceramics." That was it, from that moment forward, Julia made it her mission to succeed in clay. Since then, Julia graduated with a degree in ceramics, managed a clay studio, taught various classes, displayed work in shows, and has had the pleasure of being involved in many grant projects to make her hometown a better place, using clay as her best tool. In 2015, very wonderful friends introduced her to a world she had been longing to know. She made a decision to follow her dream of being a fill-time artist. It is with great excitement that she is now resident in Asheville, North Carolina, and is honored to have the opportunity be a Resident Artist at Odyssey Clayworks.

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