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Odyssey Ceramic Arts - Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops


Pottery and Sculpture the Extruded Way

July 22-26

Frank Bosco

The focus of this workshop will be on creating clay forms generally not possible on the wheel. The extruder offers a portal into an intuitive and improvisational way of building. It's both child's play coupled with the play of an architect. Demonstrations will include skillful use of the extruder, fabricating custom dies, compound forms, surface applications and more.

$525 + $50 lab fee

006 Adero Willard

From the Simple to the Complex: Form and Surface 

July 29- Aug2

Adero Willard

How do we bring together the physical process of making pottery with ideas and inspiration? It is essential to the creative journey not only that we trust our intuition, initiate play, and stimulate curiosity, but also incorporate research, idea generating, and editing. Through presentations, group discussions, and class exercises we will delve into accessing the creative voice.

$525 + $50 lab