Our next 8-week class session is: Fall
October 17- December 14, 2012
Registration Begins September 4th
$20 Discount with registration and full payment before September 31
Call to register: 828-285-0210

Sig & Sag, A Fun Approach To Saggar Firing
Les Powell

In this special 5-week class, students will learn to make and apply terra sigillata. We will explore the various materials to add to both the terra sigillata and to the surface of our pots in preparation for saggar firing in aluminum foil. We will also experiment with the addition of natural materials to enhance the finished work.
Intermediate/ Advanced

Thursdays, 6:30-9pm
September 6- October 4 (5 weeks)
Tuition $195 + $35 Lab Fee

Going Up?
Emily Reason

Using the wheel and stoneware and porcelain clays we’ll focus on throwing pieces 10″ and taller with an eye for volume and proportion. We’ll work with 5+ pounds of clay and learn to throw in sections. Trimming is done using bisque-fired chucks that we make ourselves. Create thoughtful adornments for your pieces with carving, brush & slip work and decorative appendages.
Intermediate/ Advanced

Mondays 3-5:30
October 22- December 10
Tuition $295 + $45 Lab Fee

Spin Doctors: Pottery Wheel For Beginners (continued)
Elaine Buss

Get your hands dirty, learn a new skill and make handmade pots for your home. This course focuses on the magic of throwing on the potter’s wheel. Learn to make cups, mugs, vases, and bowls! This course is for beginners, but seasoned novices are sure to learn exciting new things as well.
Beginner/ Seasoned Beginner

Mondays 6:30-9pm
October 22- December 10
Tuition $245 + $20 Lab Fee

Expressionism And The Figure
Susannah Zucker

This class will cover hand-building techniques for creating figurative work from a live model. With an emphasis on personal expression, students will work with the poetics of creating mystery and power in artworks that spring from life experiences. Technical and aesthetic concerns will be addressed, as well as assistance translating complex ideas to the medium.
All Levels

Tuesdays 1-3:30pm
October 23-December 11
Tuition 295 + $65 Lab Fee

Wall Totems
Cynthia Lee

Using simple handmade clay designs, natural objects and personal references, we will make art for the wall. Learn to explore your deepest thoughts or daily observations using unfamiliar materials. Terra sigillata, oxide washes, underglazes, glazes and kanthal wire will be available for experimentation.
All Levels

Wednesdays 1-3:30
October 17- December 12, No class November 21
Tuition $295 + $45 Lab Fee